A reply to customer about rinsing tea

I hope every one can have a sip on the 1st steeping of rinsed tea liquid. Because the density and thickness and fragrance all go down from that time. That taste is amazing to me.

In fact, any of us are educated to rinse tea before drinking it. The basement of that is both from Lu Xu’s <Tea Book> written more than 1000 years ago and habit since then. But in modern times, there are questioners asked why should we rinse it. Like famous tea man ChenHuanTang(陈焕堂) from TaiWan and others from mainland China. And there are others tried to using experiments to see what is in the rinsed water and just find much nutrients released from tea leaves and some impurities but much more are scraps of tea and some dust.  So they are wondering if we can give up this habit because modern tea processing and conditions are better than ancient times. Also if there are pesticides absorbed by tea leaves you can’t wash it away even to the last infusion. What we should do is ban and abandon the using of pesticides and not buy these tea. That is the reason why I should try all my tea firstly though I know my suppliers have tried that already.

And another fact is tea farmers and drinkers and governments all know pesticide has bad effect not just on our health and soil and at the end, tea business, so it has been banned gradually from some years ago.

To me, after learned these ideas from them, I tried to have a sip and found that is amazing. Especially on my QiLan and HuangMeiGui. The fragrance and tea flavor are very attractive.  So I hope my customers can have a try even little sip too.

My personal advice is if you want to rinse it because the concern of dust, residual dirt and pesticides, you can try to using hot water of lower temperature like 60 Celsius or around that then put out the water soon. Then the lose of nutrition can be cut down to lower level. Especially on loose leaf tea like WuYi YanCha, TaiWan Oolong, TieGuanYin, Black tea, DanCong and etc. But others of pressed tight tea like Puerh, you can still rinse it as usual on times length but lower temperature of hot water will be enough. We are aiming to wake up the tea not to wash out nutrition of tea.

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