An simple introduction to new product of DaYi, YiYuanSu(益原素)

Q: What is YiYuanSu(益原素, called TAETEA Prebiotea officially)?
A:  Prebiotea is the general designation of tea ingredient, transformed tea ingredients, others produced by microbes during metabolism and others have close relationships with nutrition during fermentation by microbes.  Especially micro molecule fermented Polyphenols like Teadenol series, GA and derivatives of it,  Puerh Catechin 401 series and Fermented polysaccharide are the representative characters of fermented tea.
Q: What is the meaning of ” TAETEA Prebiotea “?
A: This is a customized definition by DaYi and registered as trademark already.
” Prebiotea ” is the abbreviation of  ” TAETEA Prebiotea ” which means the prebiotics during tea of DaYi.

Q: How about the R&D (research & development ) process on “Prebiotea”?
A:  This process of  “Prebiotea” started from 8 years ago by 7th institution of DaYi. They take the bacterium groups during fermentation pond of DaYi as main target of research and the production by metabolism of microbes as basement, and use the 3rd Gen. intelligent fermenting technology also called Microbe Tea Processing Method to make this product successfully.
e.g. “Prebiotea A recipe” is produced according to the coral bacterium mixed with basic bacterium of 8th and 12th and per the combination, manual control and mixed solid fermentation.
It has tasting notes of apparent fragrance, instant sweetness and pure taste flavor. Also it has rich molecule fermented Tea Polyphenols.

Q: What is “3rd Gen. intelligent fermenting technology” ?
A:  7th Institution of DaYi use high-end technology to analyze the Microbes in Fermentation Pond of DaYi which has history of over 40 years and finally learned the composition and life cycle rules of microbes then  grasped the microbes favored environment factors including temperature, humidity, dissolved oxygen etc. Utilizing these advantages of every factor to have a full control on the direction of tea fermentation is called “3rd Gen. intelligent fermenting technology”. Here “intelligent” refers to “fully manual control”


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