A dialogue between tea farmer and me.

A tea farmer and his own Gushu puerh tea tree.

Below is conversation between me and him when we were there.

“Are there snakes in this mountain? ”
I tried to ask a question which has made me feel confused and worried.

” Yes. There are many kinds of snakes like cobra and green bamboo snake, even python which has waist like arm of adult”
I was very astonished. Then I asked

“Have you ever been bite by any snakes?”

“No” (He is 47 years old)
Okay, I felt some relieved.

(Died tree. My farmer friend told me snakes like living in whole of that)

A few minutes later, I thought of another question
“Has anybody been bite?”

“Yes. But very rarely. ”

“By cobra?”

“No. These cases were all by Green Bamboo Snake which has much similar color to tea leaf”

“Any died? ”

“Yes. Around 6 years ago, a villager here was bite in mountain at night and he died before sent to local hospital. If there was enough time to be sent to hospital he would have survived that like others”

I felt sorry about that. Yes, in high mountain like here, it is much difficult to send injured people to the nearest hospital in town in time.
The landscape here is amazingly beautiful. It attracts me so much even I want to live there for a life long time.

(Puerh tea trees and others grow in together)


(Many fruits dropped from a big tree. Very sour, though I was told it is always taken as food)

“Meat of cobra is delicious? ” The farmer told me that with a smile.

“What? ”

“Last year, my relative catched up a cobra and sent me part of that. And I stewed that with chicken. Not just the taste is good but also it benefits my health.”
He smiled again with bright teeth.

Then I didn’t feel afraid again.

(Back to the home of my farmer friend. Fresh air and good tea make me feel like drunk )


(Tea leaves from that ancient tea tree.  Viscous tea liquid with strong Cha Qi and complex. Very enjoyable)

(Brewed tea leaves are still very attractive to me, a tea addict)


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