Q: Do you stock all these teas listed on your site?

A: We have teas from some big factories like DaYi, XiaGuan, ChenShengHao, MengKuRongShi and some others from smaller factories. The total SKU is over 1400. Also there are tea from my own brand KINGTEAMALL including puerh tea, oolong tea, white tea. Absolutely I should invest on my own brand tea to stock that. So I haven’t enough money to stock other teas. I can just purchase tea from our suppliers nearby who are professional wholesale sellers on each brand after we received order from customer. At the same time, I can save cost on large and professional warehouse to save so many tea and I can check the quality when I purchase tea from them and always select the best one ever on appearance or other quality factors.

Q: How do you make sure of the authenticity and legality?

A: I don’t waste my time on recognizing every character of fake tea. But definitely I only choose reliable tea supplier including direct dealer of each factory and some sub-dealers who have guarantee on authenticity because they don’t just supply tea to me but also more big customers or tea collectors. In their business life, even they sell one singe fake tea, it means there will be no more one trust them again. Even though, we still check the quality including authenticity every time from the wrapper, other appearance factors like tough feeling etc.

Q: How long will you cost on shipping the parcel out since I placed order?

A: Generally, we can ship every parcel out if you place order before AM 16:00 in GMT+8. And if you place order later than that time, the parcel will be shipped out next day.  On Sunday, our carrier will have a rest each week, so we will ship the tea placed during AM16:00 GMT+8 on Friday to AM16:00 GMT+8 on Sunday.

Q: What’s the principle when you source tea or select supplier?

A: Though I started doing tea business firstly from puerh tea since the Nov. of 2013 year, but I realize that there are still many things I should learn about tea, boom, business and others.  Everyday is Day One to all of us.  But I know what is the bad tea or fake tea including some I have no confidence so I can’t purchase and resell that. I would rather lose money but not let any customer lose confidence and trust on us.

Till now, I am confidential when I cooperate with my suppliers but it doesn’t mean I loose control on quality check and I am always trying to find the better tea with better price from better tea farmers including other suppliers. What I take as the 1st principle is HONESTY and CLEARNESS.

Q: I don’t know is there is any thing special regarding the storage of Puerh tea. I hope it won’t cost me too much time and energy but I want to enjoy it instantly when I need it like taking cooled beer or cola from my refrigerator.

A: I have summarized some suggestions regarding the storage of puerh tea because it is some thing special. And I believe it doesn’t need to cost your too much time and effort but understand the special characters of this tea you will be rewarded and enjoy it times than not any effort.

Puerh tea needs breath like human. The surrounding moisture and oxygen and even microbes etc. will help it age well.

Some factors affecting the taste of puerh tea are as below: ( ever to raw tea or ripe tea)

1) Humidity:

Around 60-70RH is recommended.

2) Temperature:

Around 20-25 Celsius degrees is suitable.

3) Sunshine:

Must be avoided.

4) Air flow:

Should be avoided. But if you can , the air in the storage container should be changed once a week. Meanwhile, please check the condition of the tea like smell or touch feeling. Then try to move every tea to the opposite position like upside to downside, left to right. If you can’t remember to do that, please at least try to keep that in dry condition, then there won’t be mold.

5) Cleanness of storage condition:

When you prepare the container, please make sure it is clean and dry enough. Also every one  you put into including tea packaging materials are in good condition. Then even you may forget it and leave that there very long time, at least these teas are still in clean condition. For aging of the puerh tea and better drinking experience, we still recommend that you need to take care of tea, then you surely will be rewarded.

6) Stabilization:

We still don’t know why even there are already many discussions and assumptions related to this topic. Definitely there is a large possibility after long time transportation including many conditions like jolt and toss, the taste will be badly affected. So after your tea just experienced like that, please put that into your well prepared storage container to stabilize it. According to the time length of transportation and your patience, we suggest that at least 1 week is necessary to the stabilization of tea. If you are patient enough, 2 weeks will be better and enough, we think.

7) Waking up:

We put tea into separated sealed plastic bag for moisture and other smells proof during long time transportation.

To puerh tea, it is like forced dormancy. So it needs to be waken up before you enjoy it. Regarding the method, please refer to “Stabilization” as above. When you are trying to stabilize tea, in another meaning, you are also trying to wake it up.

8) Time after rinsing tea:

The texture of tea leaves and stems will start to absorb water after rinsed. But it is not sponge, so it needs a longer time. We suggest that 5-10 mins will be better for tea to absorb water and you can take it as another time of “Waking up”. You can have your own comparison on new tea, old tea, tightly pressed tea or loose tea, dry tea or wet tea to adjust the this time length. Then you will have your own familiar way to steep tea and enjoy tea.

Q: Have you partner in my country or certain mainland nearby?

A: Yes. Please feel free to ask me for that info.

Q: Why the info on the waybill indicates that the sender is located in Wuhan city, Shanghai city, Foshan city or others? Do you send the parcel out from Guangzhou where you live?

A: It is some thing different in China. China Post as a national post office which has many sub-branches in different provinces, cities even to towns.  I can send that directly from Guangzhou China Post, but the shipping cost will be higher or even much higher according to different shipping methods like ePacket, China Post Large Parcel or EMS or E-EMS.  So I am cooperating with carrier who collects parcels from original sender like us and take large discount from China Post’s different branches.  Then I also get get some discount from  my carrier. It means I will select different branches of China Post according to each order’s weight and shipping address according to quotation from my carrier. Then the sender on the waybill will be not us but the name of a China Post Staff who works as an agent of my carrier.

Q: Have you tasted all the teas on your site? And I can see some factory teas like Dayi, Xiaguan with detailed introductions including taste flavor etc.

A: I haven’t tasted all these teas except my own brand teas(KingTeaMall) including puerh tea, oolong, black tea, white tea and dark tea, green tea etc.  There is a huge collection of factory teas and it is impossible for me to taste that carefully one by one but that is not irresponsible to the teas selected and sold by me. During spare time, I am still trying to complish this “Mission Impossible” even one by one. This is also necessary to my tea learning course to accumulating experience.  Before that, under the wish of helping customers to well understand each factory, I have translated introductions from officially released infos and other market infos to these factory teas and will keep doing this job.  On the other hand, even on these teas tasted by me, I would like to share that on separated posts ever on my site or social medias. Since that is my personal experience and just from one or several tea sessions during the long and dynamic aging process of a tea. Also even on same tea and same tea session, people’s taste varies some time.

<To be continued>

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave comment below. 

I will reply soon after I receive that. 


  • dlgk@live.co.uk says:

    how do you ship tea to UK? This is my country of residence, how would I know the cost for example for 1kg of shipping and approx. waiting time for delivery>

    Kind regards


  • John says:

    Hi, Daniel,

    Happy New Year.

    We ship tea to UK via China Post including ePacket, China Post Air (Registered Mail on small parcel and large parcel), EMS and E-EMS which is a variation of EMS with same speed and safety. Regarding the shipping cost and delivery time of each shipping method, please try to put a random product with net weight of 1kg into your cart(even as a guest), then select destination as UK, the shipping cost of each will come out soon. These are calculated by our system according to destination and weight automatically.

    Any other questions, please feel free to let me know.


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