Some personal considerations to storage and steeping methods of puerh tea

Puerh tea needs breath like human. The surrounding moisture and oxygen and even microbes etc. will help it age well.

Some factors affecting the taste of puerh tea are as below: ( ever to raw tea or ripe tea)

1) Humidity:

Around 60-70RH is recommended.

2) Temperature:

Around 20-25 Celsius degrees is suitable.

3) Sunshine:

Must be avoided.

4) Air flow:

Should be avoided. But if you can , the air in the storage container should be changed once a week. Meanwhile, please check the condition of the tea like smell or touch feeling. Then try to move every tea to the opposite position like upside to downside, left to right. If you can’t remember to do that, please at least try to keep that in dry condition, then there won’t be mold.

5) Cleanness of storage condition:

When you prepare the container, please make sure it is clean and dry enough. Also every one  you put into including tea packaging materials are in good condition. Then even you may forget it and leave that there very long time, at least these teas are still in clean condition. For aging of the puerh tea and better drinking experience, we still recommend that you need to take care of tea, then you surely will be rewarded.

6) Stabilization:

We still don’t know why even there are already many discussions and assumptions related to this topic. Definitely there is a large possibility after long time transportation including many conditions like jolt and toss, the taste will be badly affected. So after your tea just experienced like that, please put that into your well prepared storage container to stabilize it. According to the time length of transportation and your patience, we suggest that at least 1 week is necessary to the stabilization of tea. If you are patient enough, 2 weeks will be better and enough, we think.

7) Waking up:

We put tea into separated sealed plastic bag for moisture and other smells proof during long time transportation.

To puerh tea, it is like forced dormancy. So it needs to be waken up before you enjoy it. Regarding the method, please refer to “Stabilization” as above. When you are trying to stabilize tea, in another meaning, you are also trying to wake it up.

8) Time after rinsing tea:

The texture of tea leaves and stems will start to absorb water after rinsed. But it is not sponge, so it needs a longer time. We suggest that 5-10 mins will be better for tea to absorb water and you can take it as another time of “Waking up”. You can have your own comparison on new tea, old tea, tightly pressed tea or loose tea, dry tea or wet tea to adjust the this time length. Then you will have your own familiar way to steep tea and enjoy tea.

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